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batterys Mercaz Hasolela - MEIRCELL Ltd was established in 1995.
Over the years, the company has accumulated unique experience in the field of rechargeable batteries assambly, wirings and a wide range of component assemblies.
Company policy has been based on quality control, customer service and strict adherence to time schedules.

Our customers are provided with all the technological solutions to deal with product requirements.
The company has proven production capabilities, an inventory acquisition program to ensure in-house stock flow, an advanced quality control system and high organization ability. All this allows it to carry out production even under pressure while still maintaining the highest standards.
A trained professional team of engineers and workers has vast experience in accompanying customer projects from early development through to the final production line.


The company primarily deals in a number of areas:

Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers

  • Assembly of Battery Packs for every need - industry or private consumers battery
  • Rechargeable batteries for the private market such as - Mobile Electrical and Electronic devices,  Medical and Industrial equipment Computers, Camcorders, Cordless telephones, Power Tool etc.
  • Import of all types of battery cell - Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, Lead Acid
  • SMBus, 1-Wire, RS-232/485/422, USB Compliant Smart Battery Packs
  • Battery Pack Chargers & Smart Charger modules
  • Energy Cases for Portable Power Supply according to customer's need
  • PoE Power Systems

Wiring and System Assembly

As a value added assembler and subcontractor for the electronic market, MEIRCELL provides assembly services and full integration of electronic products from tiny to mid range to large equipment, including wiring, soldering and welding.

Dear customer,
We are invited you to turn to us with any question or dilemma. We will be happy to meet and introduce ourselves in order to address your special needs and to assist in providing a high quality finished product.

Meir Taib,
General Manager.
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